Seaside Serenity

Sauna and wild sea swimming experience

Raise the temperature and be revitalized in our seaside sauna. With the many health benefits, it's perfect for taking away aches and pains while cleansing the skin and reducing stress, among many more ailments. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it. Then stroll to the beach, harbour, and slipway in front of the sauna for a quick dip in the wild Atlantic Ocean to get an extra dopamine hit before returning to the sauna to heat up again.

Sauna and Seaweed Bath
seaweed bath
Seaweed Baths

Whiskey Barrel Seaweed Baths

Relax and unwind outdoors while soaking in the seaweed oils and enjoying the seaside views in an upcycled whiskey barrel. People have been bathing in seaweed baths for hundreds of years for its nurturing, restorative, and healing properties. Warm water releases the seaweed's dense oils, offering relaxation and soothing tired muscles, as well as many other health benefits. Baths will be for private groups and will have full use of the sauna. Also, our seaweed is cut fresh daily for maximum quality and benefits.

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Testimonial Quote