Bay And Island

Coastal walks I enjoy nearby

The Twelve Bens (or the Twelve Pins)

Inishnee Loop Inishnee loop is a fairly straightforward walk. To get there, it’s around 2km out the Galway road from Roundstone. Once you see the signage, cross the bridge and onto Inishnee Island. I usually park after the bridge and walk from there. It’s around 6km and takes about 2 hours. There are fantastic views of Roundstone and further afield along the way.

Ballynahinch Walkway and Cycle Route

Connemara Greenway
This is a great walkway for any age group. It’s 10km out the Galway road from Roundstone, winding along the river and castle estate. There is parking and tarmacadam on the paths. I find this is a great place to bring the kids on their scooters as there are flat pathways along the bridge route or up the hill from the car park route. It’s also a great spot for walking in windy weather as it’s usually fairly sheltered by the forest.

Errisbeg and roundstone hill

Around 3 to 4 hours

Roundstone Hill
A tougher climb, but the views from up here on a calm sunny day are hard to beat! I usually park the car in the village and go up the laneway beside O'Dowd's pub and keep walking straight. You will eventually get to the foot of Roundstone Hill on your right and Errisbeg on the left. Roundstone Hill is smaller and easier, with views over Roundstone and the islands and out along the bog road with all the peatland and lakes. Errisbeg is higher and a slightly tougher climb. You will get views looking across the bay and the islands, and the famous shot that's posted online so much is the view from here of the tombolo with Gurteen Beach on one side and Dogs Bay Beach on the other.

Gurteen/Dogs bay

2 hours walk

Gurteen/Dogs Bay
One of the nicest walks in Ireland in my opinion. It’s my main route for walking the dog, on a lead at all times though, as there are animals and wildlife all along this route. You can walk the extra 2km back from Roundstone or start at either beach car park and do the full loop of the tombolo. It can get a bit wet and marshy in some spots further back by the cliffs, but the views are spectacular, looking out all along the south Connemara coastline in the distance. Also, the nearby Inishlacken, Deer and Macdaras Island, and then further out in the distance, the Aran Islands.